The UNITE anti-spam solution consists of two main components:

  1. The system will try to block spam before it arrives using an aggressive blacklist of any machines that are known to be spam gateways or have been exploited.
    It will also be using a new technique called "greylisting" that replies to any unknown connection with a "try again later" response. This response is part of the SMTP standard, so any legitimate email server will do as it was asked and try again in a couple of minutes. But as most spam is not sent through a compliant server most spam software will not try again. (In fact, most spam software will not even see the "try again" message.)
    Also, if you can provide it, the system will have a list of every valid recipient at your domain so that it can instantly block any messages to or from invalid recipients. This is a quick and simple solution to most of the forged sender spam that you probably have been seeing.
  2. Our optional quarantine area uses a Bayesian statistics system to recognise spam messages based on what it has already seen. Messages identified as spam by this component are quarantined. If the system is wrong you can retrain it by either releasing messages from the quarantine or by forwarding uncaught messages to the system.

Please contact us to discuss how UNITE's filtering services can further benefit your business.